what is my work about?
I grew up liking to be on my own, watching tv, reading, drawing, and generally thinking things over. Now as an adult artist the solitary experience of creating a drawing or painting moves through to the solitary experience of the viewer trying to work out what they are looking at and what it means to them. I want my work to communicate with the viewer and for the viewer to add their own history to what they see and create their own narrative from their own lives and memories. For this reason I concentrate on a section and work in detail and leave other parts out and usually have a simple background. The quiet, concentrated process of creating the work and taking as long as it takes to get it right is incredibly important to me.

All of this may seem very serious, but the themes aren't always, from old films on tv, to hair fashions to family snaps found in the drawer. However some themes are serious, such as depression, the forgotten and the under-represented. My portrait work and also my project on a recent fashion for complicated hair styles is a not just how I see the subjects but how they want to present themselves to the world. I meet with the subjects and that connection and conversation translates into the work. Also the people from all over the world that I have taught and met through my career in education have also influenced a lot of my work.

Since moving to a more rural life I have found my work encompassing nature, including birds, butterflies and flora. Although it is sometimes quiet work I still like to add a flash of London colour as a background.

Having lived and worked in South London for most of my life I moved to Surrey in 2018 where I work in my lovely purpose built studio. I studied at Wimbledon School of Art, achieving a BA in Fine Art and an award by the Roostein Hopkins Foundation for excellence in drawing, funded my subsequent MA in Drawing in 2009. At the same time I was working in education for adults and young people and I retain an absolute passion for education being used as a tool to change and improve lives.

My work has been widely exhibited in both public and commercial galleries, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Rugby Museum, The People's Museum in Manchester and the National Football Museum. I have exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and I am a member of the Society of Graphic Fine Artists. I have also worked with commercial galleries in Oxford, Bath, London, Surrey and Sussex.